Terms and Conditions – General

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Three Trees Portraits & Photography to clarify. In nearly all cases Terms and Conditions only state the obvious or clarify and protect both the Client and Company with the ability to ask questions and not assume. We take very serious the opportunity to provide an exceptional product, friendly personal service and to build lasting relationships with our Clients. Thanks.

For the purposes of clarification, Three Trees Portraits & Photography, and/or representatives are known or referred to as (Company). Persons, businesses, companies or entities seeking or entering into services or business transaction with Company are known as or referred to as (Client). Unless otherwise provided, these are General Terms and Conditions which serve as a base or serve in absents of specific provisions. Specific applications take precedence.


a) Sitting fees, Weddings, Shoots and/or other service(s) performed: Payment in full is due on or before the date or time of service.

b) Products Ordered: 50% on order placement, the remaining on delivery.

Should a) and b) not be met the following apply: 1) Photographs, orders or products will not be processed, except storage until a) and b) are satisfied. The company holds no responsibility or liability for stored products, film, photographs, media or files. 2) Late payment fees of 7% of balance, with a minimum charge of $25.00 will be assessed on the first business day of each month. Exception, payment received at the studio no later than 9 a.m. the second business day of the month.

3) Un-paid balances of three months or greater with no or minimal activity: Unless otherwise provided, in addition to late fees, balances of three months will be assessed a 50% collection fee and forwarded to a Debt Collection Service. Fees of up to 50% plus court cost, if required, are normally charged by Collection Services. All collection cost will be passed onto the account.

Should an emergency arise, Company will work with Client to set up a reasonable, equally equitable and regular payment schedule.

NOTE: Legal counsel advises it necessary to clarify payment policy. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.




Company uses and properly maintains superior quality equipment, with state of the art lighting products and hand painted or custom backgrounds. Company also has a backup, in some form, for nearly everything. To that, unforeseen equipment malfunctions should, in most cases, not stop a shoot, only delay. Understanding is appreciated.


Weddings: see Wedding Contract

Shoots, Studio or Location: 24 hours in advance

Products, Photographs, Orders:

Once ordered, Client is responsible for payment in full. Order errors originating from Client (i.e. file number, size, amount, etc) are Client’s responsibility. Errors originating from Company or its Lab(s) will be handled in accordance with the original order.


The Companies liability is limited to fulfilling agreements entered or to return deposits made by Client.

The company is not liable or responsible for: Photographic materials or files lost or damaged in processing, lost through camera or equipment malfunction, lost in the mail or shipping, stolen, damaged by Client, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault of the Company or its representatives.

Scheduling – Late arrival

Parties should notify each other as a courtesy if a delay is more than a 10-15 minutes.


The Company reserves the right to amend Terms and Conditions, Services or Pricing structures as necessary. The most current version is on file with Company and considered valid, previous forms are then considered void. This does not apply on ‘in force’ contracts.

The Company will have the most current information on file in Studio. It may be posted on www.ThreeTreesPhotos.com but is not required to be to be valid. Please contact us with questions.

Non-specific applications

The Company reserves the right to handle certain, unique, specific situations or those not fully or exactly addressed in Terms and Conditions, Wedding or other Company originated Contracts in a manner it sees fit in accordance with known practices.

Abusive behavior

Company and its representatives will conduct themselves in a professional and appropriate manner. Company will not tolerate threats to person or equipment, verbally or physically abusive behavior. These will be taken seriously and handled accordingly. The Client will be held responsible for resulting damages or injury.

Copyright and Image Uses

Copyright of images, files or photographs is protected by Federal Copyright Law (© All rights reserved). Client grants Company use to publish or display images for advertising or examples of work or as the Company sees fit. Client releases all claims to profits or liabilities.

Client is granted permanent image use for personal use, emailing and enjoyment but may not use images for commercial purposes unless or until a Copyright Release form is obtained from Company.

Contracts – signed and verbal

Securing services or products equates to entering into a contract for service. Contracts, both signed, verbal or implied are subject to governing laws.


Company will make an effort to conduct itself in a safe manner. Company reserves the right to not enter into or be a party to unsafe or hazardous conditions in general, conditions posing the threat of physical harm or danger, damage to equipment, restricted areas, etc. Client will accept, without recourse, Companies discretion in this matter.

Media Choice

Unless Client has and expresses a preference well in advance of a shoot or assignment, (for preparation of equipment) Company may use the media or equipment of choice (i.e. Film or Digital) as the assignment or circumstances dictate.